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For a slightly easier to read color combination, in your ~/.Xdefaults file on Linux, add these lines:

xterm*Font: -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--18-*
xterm*foreground: #8ABEF5
xterm*vt100.geometry: 80x45+0+0
xterm*background:    #3A4E95
xterm.[[titleBar]]: true
xterm.[[titleFont]]: Rom14
xterm*[[cursorColor]]:   yellow
xterm*[[fullCursor]]:    true
xterm*[[scrollBar]]:     false
! xterm*[[saveLines]]:     1000
xterm*[[loginShell]]:    true
xterm*[[fontMenu]]*font1*Label: Unreadable
xterm*VT100*font1:           nil2
! You may also want to try:
! xterm*VT100*font1:         -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--8-*
xterm*[[fontMenu]]*font2*Label: Small
xterm*VT100*font2:           -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--12-*
xterm*[[fontMenu]]*font3*Label: Medium
xterm*VT100*font3:           -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--14-*
xterm*[[fontMenu]]*font4*Label: Large
xterm*VT100*font4:           -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--18-*
! The X11R5 xterm has 6 fonts lines but X11R4 has only 4.
! xterm*[[fontMenu]]*font5*Label: Large
! xterm*VT100*font5:           9x15
! xterm*[[fontMenu]]*font6*Label: Huge
! xterm*VT100*font6:           10x20
! Useful if your on a Sun
!xterm.[[ttyModes]]:  dec
XTerm*color0:      black
XTerm*color1:      #9e1828
XTerm*color2:      #aece92
XTerm*color3:      #968a38
XTerm*color4:      #414171
XTerm*color5:      #963c59
XTerm*color6:      #418179
XTerm*color7:      gray
XTerm*color8:      gray40
XTerm*color9:      #cf6171
XTerm*color10:     #c5f779
XTerm*color11:     #fff796
XTerm*color12:     #4186be
XTerm*color13:     #cf9ebe
XTerm*color14:     #71bebe
XTerm*color15:     white

MassTranslated on 25 Dec 2004.
MassTranslated on Sun Apr 23 17:37:07 UTC 2006

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