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Creating a coLinux package Edit

Goals for April 27th, 2004: Edit

  • download NSIS
  • install NSIS
  • find a dirt-simple tutorial and try it
  • in the absence of an existing dirt-simple tutorial, create one

Tutorial 1 Edit

A quick-and-dirty tutorial on using NSIS:

Overview of steps:

1. install
1. load and compile example1.nsi script in NSIS
1. verify creation of install file
1. test install file
1. verify installation


  • Install NSIS - assuming default location of "C:\Program Files\NSIS"
  • Start NSIS
  • Start -> Programs -> NSIS -> MakeNSISW (Compiler GUI)
  • Load file example1.nsi
  • File -> Load Script
  • In the "File name" text box, enter "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Examples\example1.nsi"
  • Click on the "Open" button
  • You should see a lot of text like this:
MakeNSIS v2.0 - Copyright 1999-2004 Nullsoft, Inc.

Portions Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler (zlib).
Includes portions derived from bzip2 (see documentation for details).
Portions Copyright (C) 1999-2003 Igor Pavlov (lzma).
Contributors:, Ryan Geiss, Andras Varga, Drew Davidson, Peter Windridge, Dave Laundon, Robert Rainwater, Yaroslav Faybishenko, Jeff Doozan, Amir Szekely, Ximon Eighteen, et al.

Processing config:
Processing plugin dlls: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\plugins\*.dll"
 - Banner::destroy
 - Banner::show
 - LangDLL::[[LangDialog]]
 - [[nsExec]]::Exec
 - [[nsExec]]::[[ExecToLog]]
 - [[nsExec]]::[[ExecToStack]]
 - splash::show
 - advsplash::show
 - [[BgImage]]::[[AddImage]]
 - [[BgImage]]::[[AddText]]
 - [[BgImage]]::Clear
 - [[BgImage]]::Destroy
 - [[BgImage]]::Redraw
 - [[BgImage]]::[[SetBg]]
 - [[BgImage]]::[[SetReturn]]
 - [[BgImage]]::Sound
 - [[InstallOptions]]::dialog
 - [[InstallOptions]]::[[initDialog]]
 - [[InstallOptions]]::show
 - Math::Script
 - nsisdl::download
 - nsisdl::download_quiet
 - System::Alloc
 - System::Call
 - System::Copy
 - System::Free
 - System::Get
 - System::Int64Op
 - System::Store
 - [[StartMenu]]::Select
 - [[UserInfo]]::[[GetAccountType]]
 - [[UserInfo]]::[[GetName]]
 - Dialer::[[AttemptConnect]]
 - Dialer::[[AutodialHangup]]
 - Dialer::[[AutodialOnline]]
 - Dialer::[[AutodialUnattended]]
 - Dialer::[[GetConnectedState]]
 - VPatch::vpatchfile


Changing directory to: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Examples"

Processing script file: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Examples\example1.nsi"
Name: "Example1"
[[OutFile]]: "example1.exe"
[[InstallDir]]: "$PROGRAMFILES\Example1"
Page: directory
Page: instfiles
Section: ""
[[SetOutPath]]: "$INSTDIR"
File: "makensisw.exe" [compress] 52117/127488 bytes

Processed 1 file, writing output:
Processing pages... Done!
Removing unused resources... Done!
Generating language tables... Done!

Output: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Examples\example1.exe"
Install: 3 pages (192 bytes), 1 section (24 bytes), 3 instructions (84 bytes), 37 strings (782 bytes), 1 language table (230 bytes).

Using zlib compression.

EXE header size:               32768 / 34816 bytes
Install code:                    766 / 1616 bytes
Install data:                  52121 / 127492 bytes
CRC (0xF1A5AEDA):                  4 / 4 bytes

Total size:                    85659 / 163928 bytes (52.3%)
  • You should now have an installer file called "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Examples\example1.exe". Open Explorer to verify this.
  • Back in MakeNSISW, click on the "Test Installer" button. A window should pop up with the title "Example1 Setup: Installation Folder"
  • Click on the "Install" button, which will install the program in "C:\Program Files\Example1"
  • The window should now say "Example1 Setup: Completed"
  • You should now have the file "C:\Program Files\Example1\makensisw.exe". Open Explorer to verify this.
  • Click on the "Close" button
  • In MakeNSISW, click on the "Close" button
  • Congratulations!

MassTranslated on 25 Dec 2004.
MassTranslated on Sun Apr 23 17:37:03 UTC 2006

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