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List of changes for Version 0.7.8 Edit

(see also file NEWS in source, and complete SVN-ChangeLog)

FLTK Console Edit

(Shai Vaingast)

  • New: Select font style and size with menu, store current font in registry.
  • New: Setect text with right or left mouse and copy&paste with key Win+C.
  • New: "cocon=COLSxROWSxSCROLLBACK" to use console scrollback with keys Win+PageUP, Win+PageDown or mouse weel.
  • Disabling console FLTK resize functionality.
  • Enabled blinking cursor support.
  • New menu option "exit on detach" (quit console after shutting down).
  • Redesigned menu to be more inline with today's standard menu layout.
  • Workaround for some Vista keyboard drivers bugs where WinKey+C and WinKey+V don't work properly. Now WinKey+Home and WinKey+End is the alternate.

Daemons Edit

  • Different descriription for file properties, add original filename.

Kernel Edit

  • Version added.
  • Filesystems EXT4 enabled in kernel, GFS2 enabled as module.
  • comouse.c: Fix build error, with CONFIG_MOUSE_COOPERATIVE. (Yin Sun)
  • Version removed from patches and config. Cleanup patches.
Softlink arch/i386 --> arch/x86 for patches removed.

Buildsystem Edit

  • Suppress warnings from Python 2.6. (Shai Vaingast)
  • Config variable changed from SOURCE_DIR to DOWNLOADS.

Updated libraries and tools Edit

  • FLTK 1.1.10, fixes problems with Window border frame on Vista.

Notes for upgrading from older versions Edit

Upgrading from coLinux 0.7.3 and before Edit

  • Some dev distries increase eth1, eth2, eth3, ... on every boot. Typicaly have no network, but can see it with "cat /proc/net/dev". As workarrount set an unique MAC address for all network interfaces in config file. Or disable udev.
Debian: Remove all entries from /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules
See modifications for Wubi and other distributions.

Upgrading from coLinux 0.6.4 and before Edit

  • XML config files have been removed. Use the command-line syntax in a name=value per line plain text file instead (see colinux-daemon.txt):
  • Replace the -c name with "@name" as parameter for colinux-daemon.
  • Locate for tool "colinux-xml2cfg", a XML to CFG converter for coLinux on SF or here
  • The file initrd contains no modules. Modules are only in the file vmlinux-modules.tar.gz. The initrd extracts modules over device cofs31 automaticly, if you configure it as initrd=initrd.gz in config file. After modules are installed, you can remove the initrd from config.

Upgrading from coLinux 0.6.1 and before Edit

  • Gentoo users need to be careful, Gentoo tends to use devfs when upgrading from 0.6.1 and so block device names change from cobdX to cobd/X and render the image unbootable. For more details and solutions see the 2.6 related information on the Wiki.

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