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Setup slackware Edit

A 1G free disk space is needed to put source code and built packages including kernel modules. Assume it is mounted at /mnt/hda

Get sources Edit

tar xvzf devel-colinux-20091115.tar.gz
cd devel-colinux-20091115
cvs login 
cvs -z3 co -P aufs

Build initrd Edit

copy squash3.4 kernel part of patch to devel.../patch/external/.
modify devel.../patch/series- to add two files for the squash3.4 kernel patch files
modify devel.../conf/config- to disable squashfs as we will need to build squash on its own directory.
make kernel
cd /mnt/hda/aufs; make KDIR=/mnt/hda/build/linux- -f
cd /mnt/hda/squashlzma
modify Makefile to point to the kernel path
make initrd, the idea is to reference the initrd file from slax. to be continue.

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