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This is a list of coLinux based installations. Mostly come with an installer or more simple by unpacking an archive. You can download, install and use it.

  • - "Windows and Linux" - Plug and Play coLinux derivate currently using Kubuntu (Xlauncher, network ready). Modifies WinXP toolbar to allow running Linux applications direct from Windows. See screenshots in the Wiki
  • - coLinux port of Blackfin tools
  • coSARA: Integration of SARA and coLinux. SARA is the Security Auditor's Research Assistant, a third generation network security analysis tool derived from the infamous SATAN scanner. This installer integrates coLinux, SARA, a VNC client, and either an X11 or a command-line-interface Debian root filesystem. Walks you through the network and VNC setup. Allows you to run SARA on coLinux and WinXP.
  • - Slackware out of the box coLinux installation (Kde, Gnome, network, sound, OpenOffice, ...)
  • - Plug and play Ubuntu-derived coLinux distribution that provides hundreds applications out of the box. Very easy installation. Work on XP and Vista (32-bit only)
  • - an easy to install out of the box coLinux based on Fedora core 6 (KDE, Gnome, network, development tools, ...).
  • Portable Ubuntu for Windows] - Ubuntu distribution which doesn't require installation - just unzip to where you want it and double-click the batch file to start it up. Can run off a pen drive. Supports a sort of 'seamless' mode with separate windows by virtue of the XMing x server. It uses your windows sound and network drivers without requiring any manual configration.


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