Step-by-step notes on installing Windows XP Pro
(Installation done inside a VMware virtual machine)

  • (In VMware) Boot from the Windows XP Pro CD-ROM.
  • As soon as the "blue screen" appears, press F6 if you need to install a special driver, e.g., for a SCSI or network card. Generally not needed.
  • Once the initial drivers are loaded, press F2 for automated system recovery. Not needed. Instead....
  • Press Enter to set up Windows XP Pro.
  • Press F8 if you agree to the EULA
  • If you're installing onto a new HD, press "C" to create a new partition. Specify the size you wish.
  • Make sure the partition you want to install on is highlighted. Use the arrow keys to highlight the correct one, then press Enter to install there.
  • Setup copies files.
  • Windows reboots. If the CD-ROM is before the hard drive in the bootable device list (in your BIOS settings), Windows will pause. If you mistakenly hit a key here, you'll boot again from the CD-ROM. Don't do this as you want to boot from your hard drive.
  • Setup installs files.
  • Graphical configuration begins. Click "Next" to accept the default location and language.
  • Enter your name and company.
  • Enter the PAK for your Windows XP Pro site license.
  • Enter the name of this computer and your local Administrator password.
  • Set the correct time and time zone, and check the daylight savings time automatic adjustment checkbox.
  • Installation continues.
  • Accept the typical network settings.
  • Choose to be a member of workgroup WORKGROUP (or whatever workgroup or domain it should be a member of).
  • Setup configures the system, then copying continues, components are registered, etc.
  • Windows reboots and sets a new, higher screen resolution.
  • "Starting Windows XP Pro", "Setting up Windows."
  • Internet configuration, click on "No, connect directly to the Internet."
  • Click on "No, don't register at this time" (registration is optional).
  • Enter your username(s).
  • Windows XP Pro configuration is finished. Run Windows as usual.

MassTranslated on 25 Dec 2004.
MassTranslated on Sun Apr 23 17:36:21 UTC 2006

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