How to install colinux on thinkpad x61 windows vista32

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There are some strange problemes on windows vista .

If your OS is windows vista,use pcap-bridge networks,and link the cable to Lan.

When colinux booting,the boot procedure will hang on

calibrating_delay_loop (bogomips caculating)

kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds

That's happened on debian6.0 and ubuntu 7.0

To add 'COLINUX_NO_CPU0_WORKAROUND=Y' in os enviroment variable will resolv this question.

It happened when your os is windows vista,pcap-bridge network.

if your network is tuntap, colinux boot produce will not be hang.

This is passed on my thinkpad x61 vista pro. pcap-bridge network.

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