How to configure kernel in colinux for making telnet server on target host (Cobra5329)

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I am using embedded linux bsp cobra5329 evb which is based on coldfire processor

I am running colinux on host operating system as windows xp . Can any body guide me that how to configure kernet in the colinux eniorement to Established telnet communication .

I want to make telnet server on cobra5329 board and want to make some communication with the pc-windows enviorement, but I dont know that how I will make configuration in the kernel in the colinux enviorement so that it can established the telnet session on my board (cobra5329 )

for more information about the board one can reffer to this manual

If any body have some experience in configuring kernel in colinux envioremenr. Kindly help me in this problem .

just put the replies below .


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