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The following are the steps I used to create a gentoo filesystem image from scratch.

Using an existing linux installation (could be colinux):

# dd if=/dev/zero bs=1k count=1M > root_fs
# mke2fs -j root_fs
# mkdir gentoo
# mount -t ext3 -o loop root_fs gentoo
# cd gentoo
# tar -xvjpf stage<your stage>.tar.bz2 (eg. tar -xvjpf stage3-althon-xp-2004.02.tar.bz2)
# tar -xvzpf vmlinux-modules.tar.gz
# nano -w etc/fstab
# cd ..
# umount gentoo

Then create colinux config file (see below for example config) and start colinux :

colinux-daemon -c gentoo.colinux.xml

Notes Edit

I got vmlinux-modules.tar.gz by

# gunzip initrd.gz
# mkdir tmp
# mount -o loop initrd tmp
# cp tmp/lib/vmlinux-modules.tar.gz .
# umount tmp
# rm -rf tmp

/etc/fstab Edit

/dev/cobd/0    /         ext3    noauto,notime    1 1
/dev/cobd/1    none      swap    sw               0 0
none           /proc     proc    defaults         0 0
none           /dev/shm  tmpfs   defaults         0 0

gentoo.colinux.xml Edit

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <block_device index="0" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\root_fs" enabled="true"></block_device>
    <block_device index="1" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\swap_1024Mb" enabled="true"></block_device>
    <image path="vmlinux"></image>
    <memory size="128"></memory>
    <network index="0" type="bridged" name="Local Area Connection" mac="00:FF:D3:05:00:00"></network>

After booting follow the installation guide at

notes Edit

I don't think the "modules" part will be useful unless you intend to dual boot later : indeed, coLinux ships with its own modules and they will be incompatible with you genuine Gentoo modules (different versions of Linux kernel, different versions of gcc compiler...)

The vmlinux-modules.tar.gz are the modules from coLinux not Gentoo. These are needed to make Gentoo run on the coLinux kernel - grom358

MassTranslated on 25 Dec 2004.
MassTranslated on Sun Apr 23 17:36:12 UTC 2006

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