This is a work-in-progress, and is VERY incomplete. This whole process is inherently fragile and tricky; I haven't yet figured out why certain things work, and certain others don't. Watch this space for breaking news...

This is the very beginning of me describing my experiences (hopefully successfully) installing Kubuntu LTS 6.06.1 "Dapper Drake" from an original install DVD (i.e. no network).

My entire understanding of this process stems from reading (and attempting to implement) the instructions on the parent page of this one (Dapper), and then wondering if I could adapt the process to using a DVD, as my attempted net install was giving glaciers a run for their money (in terms of speed).

This guide is written based on the devel-coLinux-20061003.exe release, Windows XP Pro SP2, and assumes basic familiarity with *nix, XP, and coLinux.

My coLinux install lives in C:\colinux, which is where all associated files (configs, disk images, etc.) also go.

  • Get initrd.gz from install directory off the root of the DVD, copying it to the coLinux install dir and changing it's name (don't overwrite the coLinux initrd.gz!)
  • Create blank files for filesystems (the following is from the XP command line; it is built in to the OS):
fsutil file createnew kubuntu.ext3
also home.ext3, swap_device.ext3
  • I've filled in the extra kernel parms needed as they appear in my configuration file, but if you're interested, look in the DVD's isolinux/isolinux.cfg and preseed/kubuntu.seed files, and compare those to the install/netboot/pxelinux.cfg/default and ubuntu.xml from the Dapper net-install page
  • My kubuntu.conf
  • Start with
colinux-daemon.exe @kubuntu.conf -t nt
  • This will be an "expert" install...
  • <ALT>F2 to get a console
  • Mount the DVD: mkdir /cdrom; mount /dev/cobd3 /cdrom
  • Fix up other filesystems:
  1. Run mkfs.ext3 on all the cobd devs (mkfs.ext3 /dev/cobd0)
  2. mkdir /target
  3. mount /dev/cobd0 /target
  4. mkdir /target/home
  5. mount /dev/cobd1 /target/home
  • Do the "Choose language" and "Select a keyboard layout" tasks as you normally would.
  • Continue with "Load debconf preseed file" task
  • install will ask about kernel modules: continue without loading
  • continue around loading other components, without selecting any
  • Kill the partition manager tasks, as described on the Dapper page.
  • You'll have to kill something that looks like "/bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/xserver-xorg.postinst conf..." in the process list, and then <ALT>F1 back to the installer and select Go Back in order to get past the X server config