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Tools for admin coLinux solutions.

  • coLinuxManager
    • coLinux Window's Service and Manager Application - The tool launches co Linux as a Windows service, and allows users to manage/connect to the coLinux process through a system-tray based interface.
    • View the coLinux Manager Log CHANGELOG
    • View the coLinux Manager Me README
    • Browse the coLinux Manager Download Page
    • All these links were broken on 2005-10-18, as well as the previous time I checked, several weeks ago. A mirror from a saved version 2004-10-14.
  • clm - command line coLinux Management.
  • Bill C. Riemers coLinux Tools - "This package contains tools that can be used to setup and manage your coLinux distributions. This release is still considered alpha. However, there are enough features available to bootstrap a full Linux distribution like Gentoo."
  • The previous package features a Busybox-based mini distribution with some documentation and several tools and shell scripts. A stand-alone Busybox-based distribution is also provided here. think "very small rescue disks" for those.

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