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  • There is no more XML config file in 0.6.3 (yo-ho!). add the command line parameter "cofs0=d:\ cofs1=e:\ cofs2=a:\" to your batch file
    • (MarqKole) The above information is not completely true as the XML config files work very nicely with coLinux 0.6.3. Personally I like the XML better than hacking a batch file with command-line parameters, so I'm glad both flavors of initialization are available.
  • Add these lines to your fstab:
0		/d/daten                cofs    user,noauto     0 0
1		/media/cdrom            cofs    user,noauto     0 0
2		/floppy                 cofs    user,noauto     0 0
  • or run a mount command like this: "mount -t cofs cofs0 /d/daten" (NB: I think this syntax is strange. There is usually a /dev/something for most mounts... isn't any dev-device for cofs?)
  • (MarqKole) cofs indeed does not need a `/dev/cofs` file notation. For ease-of-use a special device approach would have been nicer (entry in the `/dev` directory), but maybe that's something for the 0.6.4 release?
  • cofs is a filesystem, and don't have a device node. It's similar to smbfs.
  • For a more readable fstab should write cofs0:/ as fist entry, instand the short '0'. Syntax find in CofsDevice or in the file COFS.TXT in your coLinux installation.
  • cofs should not be used as real linux file system:
    • You can not locking files.
    • Date/time is not correct (atime, mtime,ctime).
    • It is asynchron, so you see sometimes a non updated directory, if you use it in scripts.
  • The support is very "flat", some functions are not supported, it is based on "fusefs". It is designed for coping, not for working on this.
  • The files should not open longer as they have to be.
  • They are locked inside the host system.
  • cofs is running with Administrator rights under Windows. If C:\ is mapped to cofs0 one hippy script with a "rm -rf /mnt/cofs0" can remove all your windows files!
  • If you need files from C:\ and would also write to your host, then mount C:\ as read only and an other subdirectory as read/write.
  • CoFS is fully usable for coping files from and to windows. But never run a compiler on a cofs! (parts of this article are 'based' on two mails by HN on cofs)

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