CoLinux networking on Windows 7

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One way to get colinux networking working on Windows7 is to simply bridge the colinux adapter to a working network adapter on your host machine. For example, bridge the colinux adapter to your wireless interface.

  • During colinux installation install the TAP driver.
  • Go the Windows 7 network and sharing
  • Select 'Change Adapter Settings'
  • You should see a TAP-32 colinux adapter. Click on that. Then Ctrl-click on the host adapter that you want to bridge to. Now right-click and choose 'Bridge Connections'.

Edit the colinux @example.conf file and add the following line:


Start colinux with the command

colinux-daemon @example.conf

That's it.

To check log on as root/root and run ifconfig

The default /etc/network/interfaces setting for an Ubuntu image on colinux has eth0 set for dhcp and auto up. So it should just work.

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